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Getting Started  
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Learning Game Editor's Interface

The Main Editor Screen

After dismissing the Welcome Panel Box, you will notice Game Editor's stage.

This is the area where you will build your game. The stage is designed like grid paper.
The grid dimensions and colors can be reset by selecting the menu "Config -> Preferences".

The white rectangle is a special actor called "view actor".
The view actor is actually the camera that focuses the part of your game that should be shown in a given moment.
It has the same attributes of an user-created actor, with the exception that it cannot have animations linked to it.

The size of view is your game screen resolution: 1024X768, 240 X 320, etc.
The screen resolution can be changed using the menu "Config -> Game Properties".

The Actor Control Panel

With Actor control Panel you will control all actor's behavior. You will read more about this panel later.


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