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How Game Editor Works

Basic Concepts:

Game Editor is based on events and actions. It is possible to create games in a quite intuitive way. Imagine that you have a large table at your disposition. Now, place on the table the objects that compose your game. On this table you can see all your game and have a good notion of the positioning of the objects. That's Game Editor; it is your large table, your work area where the objects are manipulated in a visual way.

Before beginning to use Game Editor, it's necessary to keep in mind the concepts of Actors, Animations, Events and Actions.

Actors are your objects, the characters of your game. Each actor can have a group of animations linked to it, can be parented by another actors, follow a path, be transparent, be a text, among others.

Animation is the static image or group of images in sequence that represents an actor on screen. By the concept, one can notice that not all animations are actually "animated".
Events and Actions:

Event is something that happens during the game, as for example, when the user presses a key, or clicks with the mouse, or when an actor collides with another.

Action is what should happen in response to an event. For example, when an actor collides with a rocket an explosion should be created. Game Editor has a set of predefined actions and any events can fire one or more actions.


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