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Getting Started  
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The first thing that you will encounter when Game Editor loads is the Welcome Panel.
Don't be too quick to dismiss it. It offers a number of keys to learning how to use Game Editor:


Create a new game:

If you push the Create now button, you will be presented with a little wizard that will guide you to add actors, animations and events to your game.

Get game demos:

Push the Go to demo page button to get the game demos in the Game Editor's site.


If you select the Click Here For Tutorials button, you will be presented with a listing of multimedia tutorials that can be accessed.
Each tutorial demonstrates a short animated lesson regarding a particular aspect of the Game Editor Program

Get the newest tutorials button will immediately update the Game Editor program to the newest tutorials offered.
To use this feature, your must have an active internet connection.

Get Help :

Push the Read the documentation button, if you want to read this documentation.
Push the Go to Game Editor's forum button, to get help in our very active and supportive forum.

If you would like Game Editor to launch without showing you the Welcome Panel Box, select the Don't Show Again button.
You can still update the tutorials at any time by selecting "Help -> Get newest tutorials" from the Main Editor Menu Bar.
The Close button dismisses the Welcome Panel Box.


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