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Game Editor provides complete help system you become familiar with the Game Editor Universe.

Game Editor has many features that assist a developer to create world class games.
Help is available wherever you go in Game Editor.

Hover your cursor over any of the Game Editor buttons or screen areas and informational pop-ups will appear to help you understand various program features.

If you want a more complete source of information, simply click on Game Editor's Help Menu and select Documentation to load the complete documentation files into your web browser.

Game Editor's forum a very active and supportive and you can post your questions and quickly receive help from other Game Editor developers. You can be assured that all of your questions will be answered in a timely and knowledgeable fashion.
Look the Game Editor's tutorials in the Help menu.

You can get direct support from the Game Editor's creators. (This is a rapidly vanishing service in today's world)


Game Editor staff also provides online and email support:

Game Editor web site:
Game Editor's forum:
Technical Support:

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