Test Clicker BETA!

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Test Clicker BETA!

Postby bat78 » Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:54 pm

The different kind of the game.
Presents - The faster clicker competition game.
For the game i use only mine codes but the game is still in developments and have 1 hide bug and 1 really bad bug.
The problem is the "Time Record" ..I want the number to use only the minimal number assigned by the timer text Number.
But the Time record counter change the record of time every time when the time is set ed up.
I was planing for something like that:
Code: Select all
 if (alpha=max && time.textNumber>timerecord.textNumber) {
                                    timerecord.textNumber= ceil(alpha);
max(59, 0);

So i will Required some help about that..But the game is original and i am sure she will be liked.
You can set up the seconds from minimum 0 to maximum 59 and after that when u press "Start"
You need to click fast as u can in the bar in the center and the counter will show u the clicks (:
The "Click Record" will show u the best record played in the current game.
A sound is added when u gain your records.
The second meter being red when they is less then 10 seconds.
http://www.4shared.com/zip/986uxKTU/Cli ... _fast.html? - DOWNLOAD LINK
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