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Actor Control

Controls the different actors in your game with our game creating software. When you create your own games with Game Editor, you're in charge of everyone and everything - be it space ships, astronauts or aliens!


As you can see, drawing a path for your actors is easy with our game creation software. You decide who's moving, where they're going, and if they're coming back!

Activation Events

With the help of the activation events in this game creating software, you can send Events to Actors when a specified Event takes place. 

Physical Response

Create physical responses such as collisions with our game creating software

Advanced scripting

Use the Game Editor script to enhance your games


See the complete game map with our game creation software.

Easy cross-platform game creation

Make your game run in different systems with few clicks

Game Configuration

Configure game properties like sound quality, screen resolution, frame rate and Pocket PC keys.

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