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Game Editor's Customers Testimonials

Still not sure if you want buy our game making software?

Read these testimonials from our customers to find out some of the reasons why buying Game Editor has helped their businesses:

bat78 (Al3)

Board profile

Although, it is evidently an old-fashioned product,
It surely doesn't lack potential, stability and aptness.
It is highly integrated in terms of 2D game creation and provides a comprehensive facility designed to simplify and arm the developer in the process of game creation. Looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful tool in need for the achievement of your ideas? I suggest you to give it a try!
- Regards, eng/software cns. Alenna

William Ramsey

Bradenton Florida, USA, profile

"I have been using Game Editor since 2006, and I have to say, it's come a long way since then! Game editor has always been good, but since I had no idea about C programming that much, at first it was a pain in the neck to learn :P. Eventually, I got better at it but still for some reason I remain not that good of a programmer. Maybe its just because I only learn what I need to get the job done? Anyway, for those who haven't used Game Editor, download it and start making games!

You dont really need to know C to make a game, but it does help a lot!"

Aaron Coffey

USA, Dark Spire Games

"Game Editor absolutely rocks!

I have used several game oriented development environments and Game Editor was without question the easiest to jump into and become familiar with.

A big help there was all the support I have received from developers and other members of the forum.

Thanks everyone for bringing me along!"

Steve G.

USA, profile

"I have to say, out of all the different game engines and IDE's I've tried, Game Editor is by far the best I have ever found.

Like with my latest game, A Bloody Mess, after hashing out what I wanted it to do. I kicked out the art and coding in five days. Then another day for audio. If I had used any other editor it would have taken months. And on top of it being easy to use, it's fun as well.

You have no idea how hard I laughed the first time I got the grenades to explode and turn the zombies in to skeletons. I almost fell out of my chair."

Raphael Salgado

USA, Beyondthetech

"This program and his devotion to continuing development to the program is just that good that there's no reason it shouldn't be on everyone's PC to develop and create things from their own imagination to share with others.

The fact that the one-time license is so inexpensive makes it even more worthwhile to get. Take a look at my first game, Bubble Buster. It took me two hours to take the basic premise into a full working product. Just a few tweaks and ideas here and there and two days later, I was done.

Now look - over 3,300 downloads in just 12 days! That's 275 times a day on average! (Of course, I released this program for free, asking for simple $3.00 US donations to put towards my two daughters' education.) If I actually charged a reasonable $3.00 US for the same, that would have been nearly $10,000 I would have grossed in under two weeks!

The only reason why my game is so successful is because of Game Editor.

Only code this powerful can give me the ability to play stereo sound effects, high-speed animation, incredible response time, looping music, all tightly packaged in an executable that requires no runtime module (unlike NS Basic/CE or eVB), all in a programming and development environment anyone can learn. "

Cleve Blakemore

Australia, profile

" I registered the kit three days ago, I still can't believe just how good this tool is.
It would have to be one of the most powerful game toolkits for indie developers ever written.

The abstraction of the idea of the game itself is superb as reflected in the design. I expect with another two or three iterations, Game Editor is going to be the only game in town for smaller developers with limited resources who want to design for three different markets at the same time.

Last night I had a triple parallax shooter with particle effects similar to Xevious running that took me less than two hours to code, complete with configuration menu, Ogg background score and 80 fps on a Pentium 400 that is farting dust it is so obsolete. I then pressed a button and output versions for Pocket PC, Linux and of course Windows. I'm still reeling with shock.

You'd never want anything else after you figure out how the Game Editor desktop works. It's a quantum leap ahead of the other junk that is available. I know because I've had a solid review of all of it many times. "

Anthony Artmann

Cockatoo, Australia, Artsystems

"Game Editor's best trick is its ability to export to multiple platforms including pocket-pc. It is simple to use and includes high level functions such as collision detection and physical response. All the tricky coding is done for you.

The graphical user interface is clean, simple and easy to use. The user-forum ishighly active, friendly and useful when you need help. All this AND the product is continually evolving! Go Game Editor!"

Christopher Hill

Michigan, USA, TrajectoryLabs

"This is a great product that is very easy to use. Everything is based around the 'actor' concept. You define actors and their appearances (is it a background, rocket, ship, etc.) then you define how they interact, they make it really simple. You will want to know some basic C to do more advanced work. Comes with excellent tech support!!! I definitely recommend Game Editor."

Ingrid Sanassee

France, site

"Game Editor has proved to be THE game development platform that anyone who wants to start a career in 2D game programming has to have ! I started working with it less than one year ago. Before that, i was still asking myself: 'But HOW the hell can a game be made !', having no basic knowledge at all of C language and programming.

Today, i'm earning money with games programmed in Game Editor for Windows, Linux and moreover Pocket PC! ( And there's MORE to come! ). This proves that Game Editor undoubtedly brings quick and easy basic knowledge of how to create simple and complex games with minimum C knowledge.

Your interface and its numerous pre-programmed features makes the programming very comprehensive and, most important, Flexible. But that goes much beyond. Good programmers can write far more complex and profitable games, for GE provides a very large programming LIBERTY with its Script Editor that allows you to write your own codes! You can bet on this game development tool without any doubt. Game Editor is just GREAT !"

Rachel Loyd

Washington, USA, profile

"I’m probably the world’s worst programmer!

I've tried many multimedia authoring systems and programming languages over the years, but Game Editor really stands out in a category well above all of the others.

Game Editor is easy to use and, more importantly, its fun to use. Learning Game Editor takes a little work, but if I can do it, I think anyone can. I am not your average 20 something geeky computer guy. I’m almost three times older than that and a female to boot!

Game Editor has simplified the challenge of my non mathematical mind and it has allowed me to enjoy hours of game creation fun! In my opinion, Game Editor isn’t just for the hobbyist. Its prominence in the field is directly related to the variety of platforms that it supports. It's extensibility using the built in C scripting language makes it perfect for professionals.

The variety and flexibility it offers is incredible. I’ve never seen another authoring system that comes close to Game Editor. Thanks for making my dreams of actually finishing a game come true."

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