GEWJ - Kid Monkey

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GEWJ - Kid Monkey

Postby friedfish » Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:45 pm

Hey guys, I finally finished... Here's my entry for the weekend jam... :D


Game Idea:
The idea is a food collecting game where the player will evade obstacles while collecting the food.
In this game you control Kid the monkey to collect fruits while avoiding other objects.

Control Kid to collect food. Collect as much as you can before the scenery changes into winter.
avoid falling objects, a cat and a dog. Different fruits give different points.

Kid Monkey - the monkey who for some reason helps the other animals collect food for the winter.
Squirrels - some of the animals the the monkey helps.
Thieving Cat - drops from above and steals fruit if he can get any.
Hungry Dog - comes running from the right to eat the fruits that comes his way. He's hungry.

I do not own any of the graphics, music and sounds in the game but I assure that they are under
Creative Commons Attribution License and royalty free. I give credits to:

Vicki Wenderlich - for the free game art

JewelBeat - for the BGM

LCL - for the anti-moonwalk fix.

Windows Executable [6.05mb]

Ged + data[4.39mb]

As per rules of the GEWJ here are the criteria for judging.
Score of 1-10. 1 the lowest and 10 the highest.

1. Fun: How fun was it to play the game?
2. Ingenuity: How well were the resources used and how interestingly were they assembled together?
3. Theme: How well does the the game apply to the theme?
4. Creativity: Did you experience something new in the game that you had never experienced before?
5. Graphics: How good does the game look?
6. Audio: How good does the game sound?
7. Overall: Your overall opinion of the game.

also any comments, bugs and suggestions are welcome. Especially on the coding part of the game if you ever check my ged and data.
Thanks guys! Have fun playing! :D :D :D
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Re: GEWJ - Kid Monkey

Postby phyzix5761 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:09 pm

1. Fun: 8
2. Ingenuity: 7
3. Theme: 10
4. Creativity: 8
5. Graphics: 10
6. Audio: 10
7. Overall: 9.5

That game is addicting! Great job. I love the graphics and the game controls are solid. One thing I did find weird was that the text doesn't display correctly in the .ged file. It displays fine in the executable though.
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Re: GEWJ - Kid Monkey

Postby friedfish » Wed Jul 04, 2012 12:38 am

oh thank you... I don't know why the text doesn't display correctly though... it works fine on mine... it might be gE... sometimes gE does not display the text correctly for no reason might be a bug that's still in the works.

thanks again. i'll join the next one.. :D :D :D
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