How about tiles with script editor?

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How about tiles with script editor?

Postby asmodeus » Sun Feb 17, 2008 2:29 pm

I think it were very useful to put tiles with the script editor. Maybe about like this:
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puttile("tiles", 12, 32, 128);

The first argument ("tiles") is for the animation, the second (12) is for the tile number, the third (32) and fourth (128) argument is for the x and y position, the the tile should be drawn.
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Re: How about tiles with script editor?

Postby Game A Gogo » Sun Feb 17, 2008 11:46 pm

this would be very useful for in game level editor and stuff
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good idea...

Postby lilkid » Wed Feb 27, 2008 2:41 am

could be usefull for making levels faster as game a gogo said
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