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Postby Sgt. Sparky » Sun May 06, 2007 5:06 am

these are links to some games I have made,
I am only posting this so I can post a link to this in my signature and not have my signature just be links.
Painter version2+ (I update it alot!)
great for making pixel art and much more! ... 1016#21016
Wereplant, a side scroller where you must defeat the were plants and avoid little red with her basket o' cherry bombs. ... ease-.html

a card game remarkably similar to Skip-Bo(which origonally was some kind of older card game, they just put copywright junk on it. :( ) ... ry-c-.html


Snake 2007 version II Demo. ... hing-.html
details there.
games that have action in em' :
here is a game similar to my stick man jumper game where you make your own levels: ... 9336#19336
Here is Knight archer,
a game where you try to shoot goblins with your bow before they shoot you: ... 6175#16175
Here is Block puzzler,
similar to rush hour only you make your own track,
there are 10 example levels uncluded(near the bottom of the page there is a link to download an example to figure out how to make FILE saving instead of a bunch of variables being saved differently and with a name you cannot change.): ... 9470#19470
Here is Roll it,
it is a 10 level game right now where you try to not fall off the track: ... game-.html
and here is Samurai Dude,
it is a bit buggy but it can still be fun:
here is a Game where you make a place to walk through,
it is not really even a game,
you just draw blocks to walk on,
and you draw on the canvas as your background,
If anybody wanted to I could add all the colors instead of just black and white(4 scroll bars, R, G, B, and an even RGB value bar): ... soon-.html
and here are a few other random games,
PING(1 player, I will upload the 2 player version and Hard mode version I made soon.): ... -ect-.html
and here is the first command promt with GE: ... h-GE-.html
and NOOOOOO!!!!! MATH!!!!
right here:
and here are another few random links... ... ame-D.html ... ures-.html

if I find more I will update this topic. :D

(Sorry for the random post, I just wanted to put them on the internet so I can just put one link to a few of my games)
Random Links:
Right now (10/14/2009) I'm working on some C++ projects, but I might be able to help if you have some Game Editor questions. :)
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