Game resources extractor tools

How to find or create sprites, graphics, sounds and music.

Game resources extractor tools

Postby ITomi » Mon Aug 22, 2016 4:01 pm

As for me, many of my games stay only an intention, because I usually in want of good graphics, sounds, musics, etc.
But the so-called extractor tools often help me out in this case.
I would like show you here some tools, if you wouldn't know yet. But probably I don't know all of these programs, therefore I will be happy if you publish tools like these.

DC spr2bmp: you can extract graphics from Dark Colony with it (download: )
DRS_aok: you can extract resources from Age of Empires 2 with it (download: )
Game File Explorer: very good tool; it knows many games. (download: )
ShpED: you can extract graphics from Panzer General 2 with it (download: )
XCC utilities: you can extract resources from Command & Conquer series with it (download: )

That's all in a nutshell, but I hope, this list will increase.

P.S.: did you use the XCC utilites already to extract resources of CnC: Tiberian Sun? Because it show me black rectangles instead of sprites of the units. Maybe I use wrong palette? How can I change it?
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