Animation resources, or tutorials

How to find or create sprites, graphics, sounds and music.

Animation resources, or tutorials

Postby themightymekon » Sat May 30, 2015 11:01 am

Hi GE Addicts,

The following are links to pages which I noted while surfing, which provide stuff for resources, or tutorials which may reveal a good way of creating an animation:-

you may also be interested in tutorials here which are a vast range of topics to animate... ... -tutorial/
and some nice textures from nature for tiles?...
and an AWESOME particles animation...

I found a ton of good links too many to copy by entering in Google:-

"exploding items : free animation"

which also turned up in 'IMAGES' all the exploding images my heart can desire!

Be warned that not all those sites which claim 'Free' are that. Some are an introductory offer for some data to buy. Read the ones you are interested in with care.
exploding items : free animation

Have fun!
themightymekon :wink:

**** OOPS The next day I found they moved the second url to the home page... -- home page

Maybe they think an upturn in visitors, makes it more important.

Laters... :arrow:
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Re: Animation resources, or tutorials

Postby nightFall16 » Thu Jun 23, 2016 5:41 am

thanks man i've been in search for these kind of things
you saved my day :D .
i'am new member and i'am not english
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