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Postby lverona » Sat Dec 28, 2013 11:08 pm

This is a game that I worked on for months. It, of course, does not mean everybody would like it, but I wonder if all that work shows.

Currently, there is no in-game help, so I will explain here.

Play as long as possible. You can die as many times as you like, your life is taken away not when you are killed, but when you let an enemy pass the screen through (an idea similar to tower defense in a way).

You have three types of weapons:
Key C - machine gun, kills all air enemies
Keys S, X - manual shots, kills all ground enemies
Keys A, Z - manual shots, kills both air and ground enemies

There are two keys for manual shots for a reason - you can use two fingers to press them interchangeably and thus create heavy fire. Machine gun on key C is automatic, you just need to hold it.

Every 100 kms you are given +2 lives.
The game is cyclic - desert is followed by sea and then again goes to desert and so on.

Additional keys: P is for pause.

Have fun! ged file with all the data is also available, everything was drawn by myself! But as usual, not putting it out immediately, as it takes a while to sort everything out. If someone really wants it, I will dump it the way it is.



(be sure to run with to get sound on Ubuntu)
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Re: Perimeter

Postby lverona » Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:07 am

Added screenshots and linux version!
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