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Mapping Engine Source

Postby AliceXIII » Sat Jul 14, 2012 5:34 am

i've recently made major renovations to the saving and loading of my maps in my engine so i decided to give the source to my old version out!

What exactly is this:
it's a mapping engine that will let you create cloned actor maps.

How could it help you:
well im not sure if it could really, dont get me wrong it's in perfect stable condition you would only need it if you want something that can handle X, Y, and animpos of 2 actors sort and store them in custom external binary files and pop them open a read them again..

Major flaws:
main reason i reworked the internal save and loading because this systems good for starting mapping engines but is needlessly messy in my opinion and defintely limiting, it uses multiple arrays to store the info then sorts and stores it in one big array and fwrite()'s it, problem is this is good and all when you know the exact map size as you have to specify the array size before hand you could be wasting tons of space if you have only 10 tile actors but have an array that can hold 32,768 of them.

you could just malloc() the array and get the tailored size you want i didn't do it in this particular version because in my reworked version i've switched over to using malloc() along with arrays of structures to store my info with and pointers to relate this data to the actors so i could have a more proficient and cleaner system so this file was meant as backup just in case i was to mess up on all that reworking!

I just hope someone could find some use for it :D
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