Allto Cabarets: BALL BUSTER(2nd game on the AppStore)

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Allto Cabarets: BALL BUSTER(2nd game on the AppStore)

Postby RippeR7420 » Sun May 13, 2012 8:04 pm



FREE for a limited time! Make sure you grab it now before you have to pay for it later!


If you like-No wait, nevermind.

If you like EYEballs, and all the wonders they contain, and if you also like breaking stuff, then you'll have a blast chucking this wonderfully rounded specimen at rock hard bricks, purely for the sake of cheap entertainment! Break bricks, bust balls, get the top score, and brag to you friends and family! Because you accomplish something. Sure, you didn't move a mountain, or liberate a country, Heck, you might not even paid your bills this month, but you still get bragging rights!

Yes, it's Allto Cabaret's: BALL BUSTER! yet another haphazardly-compiled brick breaker game that's sure to take hours from your busy, busy day. It sure has for us!


Follow the link to see screen shots. :)


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Re: Allto Cabarets: BALL BUSTER(2nd game on the AppStore)

Postby Hblade » Tue May 15, 2012 3:23 am

neat =)
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