Control question.

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Control question.

Postby Sayato » Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:07 am

I need to edit this so the ship spins counter-clockwise then clockwise when you push left and right. I'm trying to program/re-program this project (see the upload of "Force Disruptor").

"Where is the code?", you say? Billy ( has the answer. He ate it. And like a coward, he blames my mom (somehow) for all my codes' absence.

Why didn't I preserve the code myself? Because, while I was attending the University of Wyoming, I got in a car wreck that was completely my fault! I was ejected 35 feet through my windshield then run over. I was then rendered unconscious for 3 weeks. This happened on on 9/11/04. Needless to say, my connection with computers was lost as they were trying to you know, save my life. But, no problem, right? I HAD a good friend who preserved the code!
I didn't have a good friend who preserved the code. Instead, I knew of Billy who (for some unknown reason) preserved ONLY the executables! (That's our old online aliases in the screenshot. I USED to be "Sckuz", and that's him ZHX. ZHX maybe stood for "Zany Haxor X").

It was a stab in the back. Billy digitally kneed me in the digital balls. It's unfortunate that he doesn't have the testicles to admit he lost my games. All my games were written in Visual Basic. It was a language for beginners, but at the time that's what I was. Billy lives in a different town now, but regardless, he's dead to me. Oh well. My psychologist says I'm progressing well at acceptance.

Anyway, could you help me in reconstructing this game? I'm going to add a lot but, for starters, I need to edit this so the ship spins counter-clockwise then clockwise when you push left and right. Currently, it's an animated image of the ship spinning. Am I on the correct track? How do I edit what I have to accept input?

Attached are two images of the original, the original (that I have today in .exe format(Thanks, Billy!)). Currently, I cannot get them to run under windows. I've seen them run on an older machine, but they're all un-decompilable. So all they do is depress me. But that's not what this post is about. How do I add ship controls to my current game? "Left" rotates the ship counter- clockwise. and "right" rotates it clockwise. Up moves it forward, depending on how the ship is rotated. Down will probably be used, but it currently exists with the "unplanned" definition.

That link is my current latest attempt at "Disrupted Force", my remake/sequel. to "Force Disruptor". It's currently the ship spinning. Could you just fix the game an keep track of what you've done so you can inform me, Or could you just send me a link to useful tutorials so I can achieve controlled ship spinning?
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