setinterval in arrays

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setinterval in arrays

Postby qwertykey » Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:22 am

hi iam anew learner of programming
I want somebody help me to bbuild script with setinterval and arrays because I can't figure out at all
my plan is make a simple game such as bounce game, here is the concept
when user hits button A 1 time, 1 red pacman will be shown after 2 seconds, if he hits twice 2 pacmans willbe shown one by one., if he hits button B one time ,1 green pacman will be shown after 4 seconds, and so on, minimum of the total of pacmans depends on level he can play through
so he must hits button A, button B and button Ready! after that he must kill them all.

I want to ask about script which creates pacman , in my mind it can be made by setinterval after red and green pacman were listed
if this tut doesn't use script or just uses editor I will be more glad.
5 red and 3 green in lvl 1 , after button READY is hitted pacman is out one by one

thanks for advance
and sorry for my english
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