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Indie stardom was achievable for Jason Lee. But could be the onetime skateboarder ready for his first romantic lead?

The amount of actors can inform skateboarding sent them zooming within the track to stardom?

Jason Lee glided into acting a few years after winning a nationwide skateboard championship within the teens. Since 1995, when author-director Kevin Cruz cast him in Mallrats, the Oc native has switched inside the quantity of 15 movies. He's now balancing two worlds, the indies together with majors, as rapidly given that they knowledgeable about the 360 switch, moving he earned famous retrace the skateboarding scene.

"Jason's performed plenty of 'dude' roles, and hubby clearly might be a a dude," states Cruz, who's cast him in four films. "However will probably have experienced him like a good guy. I'm glad everybody other clients are finally creating ground.Inch

Lee could possibly get to Canteen in SoHo fresh within the quantity of Vanilla Sky, his second movie for Cameron Crowe. (He performed second fiddle to Billy Crudup in Almost Famous.) Snow is falling, and he's wearing just an easy parka. Though he's in desperate will require a smoke that's pissed off at New You are able to cabs, he's still maintaining that positive L.A. mindset: "The snow rocks !, man."

Whatever the unself-conscious elan he fidgets along with his hair and illuminates a cigarette, he insists he's little want cultivating a awesome-guy image. "That whole James Dean revival factor--searching mysterious, cigarette smoking along with your shirt somewhat open--that's so outdated already," according to him.

Still, Lee might have his debut like a romantic good guy, opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt inside the neo-screwball comedy Heartbreaker. "My movies are becoming bigger and bigger,In . he admits. "However almost didn't take Heartbreakers. The person proven up in this region somewhat straight--a sweet, nice guy that women want. However, you cannot only have fun playing the weirdo in each and every movie in your ideas off could be the dark."

Really, although his Heartbreakers character, a bartenders, falls challenging for Hewitt's tough disadvantage artist, he is not an entire sap, which explains why author-director David Mirkin chose Lee. "I didn't want an actress who'd play him totally straight," states Mirkin. "I authored the spend someone off-kilter within your ideas. I love a enjoyable edge, though heart. Jason has that. They might be emotional, but he is not mushy."

A few a couple of days later, Lee reaches La wrapping Vanilla Sky, from time to time shooting Smith's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (thats susceptible to recover his character from Chasing Amy and Mallrats, along with Film Clip, Joey Lauren Adams, Matt Damon plus a cast of hundreds), prepping Stealing Stanford (the very first movie from Bruce McCulloch of "The Kids inside the Hall") and doing promotion for every comedy referred to as Big Trouble which will come within the fall. He's also recording a couple of within the experimental ambient music he's been noodling around with for each extended time, connected with and sponsoring vintage-vehicle races and beginning an expert-approved approved approved approved approved approved approved approved driving instructor, Road One Racing, acquiring an internet marketer.

Basically, he's busy. Furthermore to focused. Reasonable to Lee's eclectic success is he doesn't drink, doesn't party and, within the ripe day's 30, remains married for five years, to his longtime sweetheart, L.A. professional professional professional professional professional professional professional professional professional professional photographer Carmen Llywellyn.

"The primary reason I put within the towel partying? Lately experienced it, done that," Lee states. "I obtained from my system. I don't even drink coffee now."

"You don't see many youthful actors who're that settled lower," states 20-year-old Zooey Deschanel, who labored with Lee on Mumford, Almost Famous and enormous Trouble. "It's nice to acquire buddies with Jason, because he's so family-minded, and he's so deeply in love with his wife. And therefore funny."

Clearly, he is not all funny in Vanilla Sky the show Crowe is directing within the secretive set with Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz. "It's dark," Lee admits. "After I signed on to make it happen, that's all I understood in relation to this. We're not allowed to discuss it, but everyone knows it's a remake within the Spanish film from 1997 referred to as Abre los Ojos "Which means you know what's weird?" he asks. "Tom Cruise is called since the normal guy connected obtaining a man actor I've met. He loves sports, and he's a guy that could talk to college reunions and become buddies while using the uncles."

But is he ... awesome?

"Precisely what?In . Lee laughs. "I used to be awesome. Awesome was all I assumed about. But awesome is overrated. Personally Tom Cruise would tell you that. Together with how are things affected?In . He stubs out half of his third smoke. "We are all just trying to pretend we're cooler than we really are. Making me think I oughta quit smoking. If Sean Penn are capable of doing it, I can.In .
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