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Dark Hole Programmers

Postby NightOfHorror » Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:29 am

I am going to work on a game called Dark Hole that I need a crew for. Originally, I wanted a lot of people, but then was pointed out that not always bigger is better. I only want five to ten programmers (this includes me) to work on this game. How it works is I will ask if you work better alone or with a partner. If you work better with a partner, and he/she agrees to work with you then I advise you both get Team-Viewer. If you work better single, all you need is GE. Everyone must use the same tool and the same engine, of course Game Editor version 1.5. How it works is you all get schedules for your day to work on the game. So if your day is Friday to work on this game, you work on what needs to be done. If your day is Friday to work on this game with your partner, both of you work together on Team-Viewer to get it done. Working with a partner gives two minds on an idea, and if one gets stuck, the other can try to solve the situation. You are always allowed to get a partner while working on this game, just tell me, so I know the schedule change (at least three days in advance before you or your partner's work day please), or you can always disband the partnership and both of you can work alone or with a new partner, but tell me in advance, so I know the schedule changes (at least three days in advance before your guys' work day please). I will always update you with what you guys have to do that day, but remember this is also your game, so feel free to come to me, and suggest an idea of your own, or say that maybe one idea isn't as good, and we can get rid of it, or replace it, or change it to make it good. I am the programming director, and I will be making sure things get done on time. Harsh things will happen to the slackers, but that will be extreme slacking. Just do what you know needs be done please. Also, to join, you have to be a dedicated, regular Game Editor User that won't quit GE for a year and then come back.
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