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Postby MrJolteon » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:18 am

after like 14 years i figured it's about time we finally got some rules around here
these rules were written with whatever system we had before in mind

Be civil and positive
  • Be civil and respect other people's opinions, whether you agree or not.
  • Please do not be rude, judgmental or belittling.
  • Respond to incivility with greater civility and respect.
  • Please do not accuse others or request kicks or bans in public, engage in personal attacks, intentionally offend or provoke others.
    The report button is there for a reason.

Be considerate
  • Be Considerate.
  • Please do not intentionally annoy or harass users, whether by spamming, trolling, flamebaiting, astroturfing, soapboxing or typing in all caps.

Assume good faith
  • Forums lack the normal facial expressions and body language used in everyday conversation.
  • Without these it can be easy to misunderstand the intentions of someone and lead to uncomfortable situations.
  • Try to assume good faith and avoid reacting negatively.

Failure to follow these rules will result in warnings being issued. Repeated warnings (the number varies depending on the offense, though in most cases it's 3) will result in a permanent ban. Any attempt to circumvent this ban will result in another instant ban.

The only exception to the above is spam. Spam will result in an instant ban in most cases.
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