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To see this demos you need:

• Have Game Editor installed (Download Game Editor here)
• Unzip the demos (Don't use the windows zip folders. Use a tool like WinZip)
• After unzip, you must get a folder with the ged file and a data folder with the game resources. If not, just create a data folder and copy the resources.
• Load the ged file into Game Editor

New Releases

Dimension 55355 - source code
by lcl
Shed Escape (Second Post)
by ThaKid244
Test this movement please! :D
by Hblade
Super Stick Brawl demo
by Kcee
Versatile Glow Mechanic
by FirbleMan
Super Smash Bros. Mobile (sprite help REALLY appreciated)
by Fojam
Zozo hami
by ITomi
Star Colony - a mini RTS
by ITomi
RTS basics: movement and avoid obstacles
by ITomi
Mode7 (The SNES way to make 3D)
by Game A Gogo

Most Popular

SABRE - (Stable Actor Based Raycasting Engine) - UPDATES!
by lcl
Gelman! (Demo 2!) - Source codes released!
by pyrometal
MARIO And The Golden Key
by Bee-Ant
The demo request list
by Fuzzy
Tower Defense Full Version!
by DST
Bitmap window generator function
by Game A Gogo
by Sgt. Sparky
Halo Wars Demo is here
by AnimeTank
Dimension 55355 - source code
by lcl
Raycasting Example Source
by mcveighja
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