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This will be used to discuss the furthering of the book. It should hold user ideas of how to structure the book or worthwhile additions. Each Section of the book appears on a link, meaning each chapter has its own talk page. Since the main pages will be protected, you can use the talk to suggest changes. This page should be used to discuss the overall structure of the book, not details that fall under specific chapters.

Ideas for games to build chapters off of.

Chapter 3: Platformer

The next chapters I don't think are that great, or maybe they just need games accompanying them. Many of the events would have already been discussed in 3, so either 3's game must be lesser, maybe a small demo of the game, or the chapters will fuse.

For Chapter 5, I am no big fan of paths, and I don't believe there is enough to constitute a chapter, unless it goes into alternatives. Even then, it seems like that can be covered in the appendix, as it is not essential. It could go a bit into simple or not so simple AI, as paths are connected to that.

Regions, again doesn't seem like a full chapter. I don't know if the structure allows for these smaller categories as chapters. If so, then tower defense should be a later chapter, a sort of compilation project. I still like the use of it to explain actors. I could come up with some other game that would use canvas, and others, but it may not be as practical.

Not sure on 7 and 8. I would combine these, and explain various often used functions. As of now it seems okay. It might have a puzzle game or strategy game. Those are more heavy in scripting, usually.

Chapter 9 is okay. I would have to think of things to enter... Tricks and tips, meaning it will not center on a single game. It will be like a reference, but make them so the examples teach what gameEditor can do.

The appendixes seem fine.


Chapter 4 - Fighting Game?

  • Activation Event: Arguably can be used for any game type, probably for AI purposes
  • Animation Finish: This is also a good AI tool, but it is also for antimoonwalking
  • Collision: Ground, and damage, and other
  • Collision Finish: Can be used for moonwalking, also recoil
  • Create Actor: Setting values, like projectiles
  • Destroy Actor: Players and projectiles
  • Draw Actor: Moonwalking and definitely AI
  • Key Down: Movement, attacks, combos
  • Key Up: Moonwalking
  • Mouse Button Down: Menu, fight selection
  • Mouse Button Up: Can be used for selection, drag and drop...
  • Mouse Enter: Menu buttons
  • Mouse Leave: Menu buttons
  • Move Finish: Projectiles
  • Out of Vision: Projectiles, AI
  • Path Finish: Projectiles, perhaps computer player
  • Timer: AI

The thing about this is that I was planning of introducing AI earlier on. I wanted this game to be a platformer, but platformer is looking like it will be used for chapter 3. This is good in the sense that it can use the existing demo, and turn it into a fighting game. Other games also fill all the criteria, but it needs to be pretty obvious how each fits in, otherwise it seems less practical. The fancy applications are to be covered in later chapters or appendixes.

Chapter 5 - SHMUP

  • Paths: Frequent use of paths for enemies, projectiles
  • Alternatives: Alternative path methods are easy in a linear game

SHMUPS are always fun, and the chapter can devote itself to this game. I don't think there is that much to do with paths, so this chapter will probably include things from previous chapters. It would use regions, which is a later chapter and an earlier... This chapter seems better fitted earlier in the book.

Chapter 6 - A sort of action like game, sadly the best fit I can think of is a platformer

Chapter 7 - Strategy or Puzzle

This chapter does not really need to have a game, but it would be nice to see real application. Strategy games can be hefty in coding, depending on what needs to be done, and puzzles can use a fair amount of scripting. Custom functions are easily implemented with either. Loading from exterior files is also an easy way of including more scripts. Maybe this could go into RPG text like system, but then again it would be kind of random.

Not sure on the last two chapters. 8 is very similar to 7, so either it will be a double, or 8 will use the game.

I am thinking of other chapters also. Since many aspects of gaming are not included. The book as of now only really discusses how to use gameEditor. It would be even better if it includes things about how to make games in general and more specific. Even if you are a master at gameEditor, you can be even better if you know game creation.

Potential Chapters

  • AI
  • Game Structure (This may have several chapters, or large subchapters)
  • There might be a chapter just on clones
  • And perhaps others