Creating Games with Game Editor

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Chapters 1 & 2 by Kelly Wilson.

Chapters 3 and on by skydereign.

Book Layout

  • Chapter 1: Discusses the organization of the game editor tool. It provides an overview of the various layout windows and options that are available.
  • Chapter 2: Discusses game organization and creation as it relates to Game Editor. Actors, Events, Paths, and regions are discussed in this chapter.
  • Chapter 4: Discusses game editor events in detail.
  • Chapter 5: Discusses game editor Paths .
  • Chapter 6: Discusses game editor Regions.
  • Chapter 7: Introduces the C scripting language used in game editor. Note: This is not meant to be a detailed course on the C language. Instead it is enough information to get you started.
  • Chapter 8: Contains a detailed look at scripting in Game editor.
  • Chapter 9: Advanced game editor tactics and functions.
  • Appendix A: Contains a list of the scripting functions available in Game Editor along with functional descriptions of what each function does. This is organized in a manner similar to MSDN API documentation.
  • Appendix B: Contains a list of web addresses, tutorials, and examples of games created with game editor.
  • Appendix C: Describes the events provided by game editor.
  • Appendix D: Describes the actions provided by game editor
  • Appendix E: Book tutorials in step by step form.