ISO-GRID Graph Paper (the cheap way to create)

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ISO-GRID Graph Paper (the cheap way to create)

Postby GEuser » Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:24 am



Iso-grid graph paper is so expensive that I thought I'd create my own with Inkscape & GIMP. It's good for drawing up 3D and isometric stuff. Might as well share it now that it's all done.

(.zip includes svg master, tileable images & webpage to display):-
(69.01 KiB) Downloaded 122 times

Made tileable iso-grid images than used them in the following HTML code for an infinite background image in a browser & to print off or do screen captures.

Code: Select all
<body background="iso-grid_big1.png">

<!-- Try these:-  -->

<!-- Replace  background="" part of code above with -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_med1.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_small1.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_big2.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_med2.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_small2.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_majmin.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_majmin2.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_majmin3.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_Hex.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_Hex2.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_cube.png" -->

<!-- background="iso-grid_cube2.png" -->



To use just copy code above into a simple text editor (gedit=linux, TextEdit=Mac, notepad=Windows) and save as: YourFileName.html (in the same place as the .zip extracted folder (IsoGrids). You can then just view the webpage & print off from browser after adjusting the page-setup from browser menu.
To see the different versons of iso-grid just replace the background="iso-grid_big1.png" with the chosen image file.

OR just use the ISO-GRID_Paper.html file provided in the .zip download and alter as required.

is the vector file containing the master files for the tilables (Inkscape). Should be able to use with most art programs out there that accept the .svg file format. It was done quickly so you might want to clean up things.

The browser is also good for resizing with zoom feature and doing a screen capture for on computer use. Hope you guys find it useful (& save some money).
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