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RPG like map

Postby barney12345 » Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:51 am

Hello again :)

So whilst making the paper Mario style game, some friends asked if they could combine their powers with mine for an rpg/gta/action/adventure game but we have a big problem, none of us are good with graphics. So I thought we could try the forum for resources but there was none that fitted the part. So I am asking now to all the kind people who still use the forum, plz can you make us a simple top down view of a large city, now-ish. We only want that now, all else is done. No 3d+2d weird rpg thing, just like a massive version of something like the image(massive meaning a big area full of a non repeating city, not just enlarged). Points will be given to all who send images.
part of city
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