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Like many things in gameEditor, there are several methods of doing this. One of the easiest methods would be to parent the view to the give actor. This method can sometimes hold the desired effect, but parenting can result in very jerky movements. The most common methods are parenting, wire frame region, direct input, and position determining.


This method uses gameEditor's parent capabilities, which in many cases can be very helpful. This would be used for games like SHMUPS, and similar genres. What makes these work so well, is the screen is in constant motion. If you are making a game like a platformer, parenting is not suggested, as it is a very abrupt method of screen movement. To use it, all you would need to do is set the view's parent to be the actor you would like the view to follow.

Wire Frame Collision

This method is like the one in the Caveman tutorial.

Direct Input

Position Determining