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A lot of people want to write something here but they don't know how to use this wiki very well. I will help you.

Simple wiki formating

You can do a lot with the wiki standard. Usually you don't need more.

Make text bold and italic

Make a text bold or italic by using this:


A text in two apostrophes (') makes the text italic, three of them bold.

Internal and external links

There are two kinds of links in the web: the internal links and the external links. Most times you use links to other pages on this wiki. For example a link from the main page to functions. These are the internal links, because the destination are on the same host ( Write the page name in four square brackets ([[ and ]]). Example:

Go to the [[Main Page]].

You'll get this: Go to the Main Page.

Sometimes you need links to other webpages, maybe your own one in your user description. Write the full address in two square brackets ([ and ]). Example:

Download Game Editor here: [].

You'll get this: Download Game Editor here: [1].

Alternative text for internal links

Maybe you want to make a link to the page functions, but the text without the 's'. Write a '|' between the page name and the text. Example:

''ChangeAnimation'' is a [[Functions|function]].

You'll get this: ChangeAnimation is a function.

If you want to append characters at page links (e.g. the 's' on keyword), you can append the 's' behind the last two brackets. Example:

Game Editor uses a lot of [[keyword]]s.

You'll get this: Game Editor uses a lot of keywords.


You can use headers for different topics on one page. Write them in two equal to signs (== and ==. You can also add a second header under another header by using one equal to sign more.


== Header 1 ==
== Header 2 ==
=== Header 2.1 ===
=== Header 2.2 ===
== Header 3 ==


You can put in pictures in the pages. Make is about like internal links. Append the text "Image:" before the picture name. You have to upload the picture on the upload page first.



This example will show asmodeus' avatar: Image:Avatar_asmodeus.png.

Nowiki areas

Sometimes you want to write things like ''no italic text, please''. Just put the text, that mustn't formated by wiki into <nowiki> and </nowiki>. Example:

''This is italic.''
<nowiki>''But this isn't.''</nowiki>

Your result: This is italic. ''But this isn't.''

Border around text (code)

Sometimes you would like to show the reader a code. Maybe about like this:

int a, b;
a = 7;
b = 3;
if(a+b!=10) textNumber = a+b;
else textNumber = -1;

That's weird! I can't really read it. Insert a space at the first place on each line to get it like a code:

int a, b;
a = 7;
b = 3;
if(a+b!=10) textNumber = a+b;
else textNumber = -1;

That's much better.


Sometimes you need a table to sort some values. Maybe about like this:

Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Cell 3 Cell 4

Source Code:

!Header 1
!Header 2
|Cell 1
|Cell 2
|Cell 3
|Cell 4

Use {| to start a new table and |} to end the table. Insert an exclamation mark (!) before each header, and a vertical bar (|) before each cell content.

Formating with HTML and CSS

You can also use HTML and CSS to design the text, tables and other things.


Same as:


Design a table

When you are making tables in wiki, they should have a border. Use this:

{| border="1"
|much text...

The table will look about like this now:

Header 1 Header 2
Cell 1 Cell 2
Cell 3 Cell 4

Available templates

In this wiki there is one template, made by asmodeus: User.


This template is for you when you are editing your user information.


|Location=''your location''
|Occupation=''your occupation''
|Interests=''your interests''}}
More information about you...


Location: your location
Occupation: your occupation
Interests: your interests

More information about you...

--asmodeus 18:32, 4 September 2008 (UTC)