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  • Do the tutorials in the editor, a lot can be learned from them.
  • Start small. Way smaller than you think. Then add to the stuff that works.
  • Sometimes you'll have a game idea and find out its too hard for you, so if you

ever need help, just go to the GE forum and ask there.

  • You should start with the core sprites of your game before programming, and you can get

the rest when you're ready. --Rux 23:42, 29 August 2008 (UTC)

  • If something is exceedingly difficult, you may be doing it the wrong way.
  • The best codes are often hard to understand at first; But they are important.
  • Always try to get your scripting from completed games, when you can. If a game demo is missing common important functions, there's a good chance the author used poor coding, because poor coding is one of the things that makes games hard to finish.
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