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Game editor has a tile editor that allows you to draw tiles with a paintbrush;

Tiles are handled internally by game editor, and offers 3 distinct advantages over actor clones:

 1. You can paint/erase tiles quickly 
 2. You can move the entire tileset as one object 
 3. Tiles use much less memory and cpu. 

To paint tiles, select an actor and press "tile" in the upper right hand corner. You have the option of single tile, or tile matching. The difference is as follows:

1. Single tile draws whichever frame of an animation you wish to draw; You can choose the animation and either the specific frame, or a random frame. This is best for making ground, walls, and platforms. It is also great to use 'random tile' to paint ground textures with variation in them.

2. Tile Matching is for painting landscapes where GE will automatically insert the correct frame for sides, edges, and middles of things such as water, land, pavement, etc. To use this you must have a specific animation.

For more information on matching tiles, visit


You can use the following buttons to control your tiling:

 Left Shift - Toggles Snap to Other Actors
 Right Shift - Erase tiles.
 Left Mouse - Draw or erase a tile.