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The basics of a shooting game are the player, the shots, and the enemies. This will explain these actors, basic concepts in GE.

Add an Actor named player. Give player a spaceship graphic. For this example, we'll make a vertically scrolling shooter.

Add an Actor named bullet and enemy, and give them animations too.

Now on bullet>CreateActor>


and bullet>OutOfVision>

 DestroyActor("Event Actor");

Add an actor named boom and give him an explosion animation.

Now on enemy>collision>any side of bullet>(repeat no)>

 DestroyActor("Event Actor");
 CreateActor("boom", "boomanimation", "no parent", "no path", 0, 0, false); 
 DestroyActor("Collide Actor");

player>mousebuttondown>left>(drag disable)>

 CreateActor("bullet", "bulletanimation", "no parent", "no path", 0, -20, false);

After testing this game, you will see that your explosion kept on exploding over and over. See Animation Finish to learn how to control that.

That is the basic structure of a shooting game. To learn more, view the 'advanced shooters' topic on the main page.