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Killer Startups

Are you a game developer? If that question met with an affirmative answer you might find what you are looking for by setting your browser to this website. is an online destination that provides you with information about a software for game design.

By visiting the web page you will be able to find general information regarding this program, descriptions of its features, details of how it works, screen shots, a trial version that you will be able to download at no costs, testimonials of costumers, a discussion forum and more. There you will also find examples of games developed using this software, tools that will allow you to place an order through the website as well as other features.

The H

Open source Game Editor for Linux and Windows

Game Editor provides a graphical game development environment for Windows (95 to Vista), Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.5 and Linux. The software is distributed under a dual licensing model - the source code is available under version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3), but can - after being compiled by the user - only be used to develop open source games. Users wanting a pre-compiled binary or wishing to use Game Editor to create games to be distributed under licenses other than GPLv3 must purchase the commercial version for $95, which includes one year of free updates and technical support. No license fees are payable for games developed using the Brazilian software.
The Game Editor graphical development environment can be used to create simple game characters and environments, graphics, sounds and animations. Development is event-driven. The screenshots convey a good impression of how the software works and a short video is also available on YouTube.