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Example coding of page:


 |FunctionSyntax=double max(double number1, double number2)

 |SyntaxDescription=Returns largest number of the two supplied. number can be actual 
 value or variable.

 |CodingExample=Altitude.textnumber=max(12000, planeceiling); 

 |CodingDescription=Example would yield the value 14000 if the variable planeceiling=14000
 and would yield 12000 if planeceiling=10000.



Actual page:max

Syntax of the coding:

 |FunctionSyntax=Place the function syntax here.
 |SyntaxDescription=Place any descriptions of the syntax here.
 |CodingExample=Place an example of the code in use here.
 |CodingDescription=Give description and results of code here.
 |AdditionalLinks=Include any additional double bracketed links here.

Do not include a Link for [[Functions]] as one is already there built in to the template.