Basic Games Concepts

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Basic Game Types

  • Platform
  • Shooter
  • Puzzle
  • Rpg
  • Simulation

The basic components of these games are as follows:

  • Player
  • Enemies
  • HUD (display for score, lives, etc).
  • Shots
  • Powerups
  • Title Screen

Consider the things you will need in order to keep track of these objects. You'll need an int variables 'lives' to store the number of lives remaining. You'll need collisions between player, enemies, and shots. You'll need text actors to display the variables such as lives and score that the player will need to see.

See "the broader view" on the main help page for more information on different game types.

Note: This is a semi-stub created to preclude the previous version of this section, entitled "Games Concepts". The original section is extremely disorganized, and full of information that isn't for beginners, and lacks much information that needs to be there. It should be heavily edited, but out of respect for the authors, this section was created instead.